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about us




hello, we’re Nurtured Foods, or just Nurtured to our friends. We are simple folk with a simple plan, we want to make it easier to buy, sell and most importantly consume local food and drink.


you see we are a little bit obsessed with local food, but we know that school runs, work, gym, falconry (and any other hobby for that matter) can often make all our good intentions to shop locally quite challenging.


we also know that there are hundreds of brilliantly passionate producers and artisan sellers out there who are raising, growing, making and catching incredible produce. Unfortunately, many of these individuals struggle to connect with the customers who want to buy from them (due to cost, time and a lack of a platform to sell from), this got us thinking and to cut a long story short Nurtured was born.


nurtured is a startup which offers you a simple, safe and transparent marketplace to find local produce without jeopardising the uniqueness, diversity and passion which makes our individual producers and artisan sellers great. Nurtured allows you to browse local produce in the comfort of your own home. You have the flexibility to choose whether to have it delivered to your door or you can collect from store at a time which is convenient to you.


for sellers, we provide a simple platform for them to connect with great people like you who want to buy their products giving them more time to focus on producing the food, drink and other items we love. They can customise their page, set their opening times and choose how they want to sell their products to you.


Love the Nurtured Folks